Top Five Secret Call Recorder Apps for Android Phone

In normal circumstances, if anyone would offer to spy on the call log or call recorder of anyone, you will suspicious of their intention and might even think about reporting them to the police as well. This is the simple reaction of out of the context spying activities. But what if anyone wants to keep an eye on the teenager or minor kid or other ideal case scenario want to get rid of useless callers in the working hours at the workplace then what will be your reaction. Of course, it is legal and completely easy to achieve that goal without any hurdle. 

But the main thing is a selection of the best choice for employee monitoring or parental control app usage. As the saturation in the monitoring software market makes it very difficult for all the users to choose which one is the best based on service, budget, and various other factors. A call recording feature not only keeps the record of every incoming and outgoing call that happened on the target cellphone but even saves all the timestamp information as well. The use of these kinds of app is very simple and easy and there is no need for any professional knowledge or skill to handle a spy app. With Just a few clicks you can simply get into the call record of the target person. So here are some of the best secret call recorder apps that let the user remotely record the call of the target easily without letting the target know.


TheOneSpy is an employee monitoring and parental control app that offer a secret call recorder feature to its users. One can not only keep the record of all the incoming or outgoing calls but can even listen to any call in real-time. That’s right real-time access to live call make this app very useful in many ways. Along with that, it is a cloud-based app thus all the recordings are saved on the web portal of the TheOneSpy monitoring software. User has remote access to the web portal whenever they want and they can download the recording from the portal to their device at any given time. Use this feature to get to know to whom your kid is talking late at night. You can track any spam call and can save them from any stalker or bully by listening to any odd-time suspicious call. Similarly, this feature can be used in employee monitoring work as well as one can know how the employee deals with the clients on live calls, etc. Make sure the professional deal with all the customers and do not make any kind of rude comment that can make the customer upset or mad.

TapeAcall Pro:

This feature offer services for keeping the record of all the incoming and outgoing call record on the target iPhone. There is no limit for call recording so one can save huge data very easily by using this app. Users can download the call recording whenever they want to their device for further use or investigation. 

Cube Call Recorder ACR App:

Cube call recorder ACR app is another app that can be used as a secret call recorder. The best thing about this app is that it offers the user the service where every call is automatically recorded and there is no personal manual involvement. This app also allows the user to filter or mark important call recordings and once that is done you can quickly access them.

Automatic Call Recorder:

Automatic call recorder is a secret call recorder app for android. You can record incoming or outgoing call records with high-quality voices. But unfortunately, it is not a cloud-based app. Thus you can save all the call recordings on the SD card as well.

True Caller:

True caller is another app meant for call recording and blocking spam calls. One can use this app for android gadgets and keep a record of call logs to get rid of any spam calls or unidentified numbers. But one of the drawbacks of using this app is that all the recordings are saved on your device. Thus any unfortunate incident or event can deprive you of all the recording data.

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