How Do I Find My Google Ad?

Understanding Google ads and why you would possibly not find yours where you expect to

I get it. You’ve invested money in Google ads (smart move!). And you see other people’s Google ads whenever you browse the web .

So why you never see your own ad?

But first, to place you at ease: don’t be concerned . there’s nothing wrong if your Google ad isn’t showing your own personal search results.

In fact, this is often often what you ought to expect.

We’ll cover Google ads and SEM (search engine marketing) in additional detail below.

But first, we asked our resident ads expert Daniel Simmons to settle the question once and for all – why can’t you see your own Google Ads?

Understanding Google Ads (and why you do not see your own)

Google ads are often uses to make brand awareness, but they’re often best wont to sell or promote products or services, generate website traffic, or get email list signups. When utilized in this manner , they provide an easy-to-measure ROI, so you’ll understand how your ads money is functioning for you.

Ultimately, budget plays an enormous think about whether or not you will see your own ad. But first, let’s explore the 2 sorts of Google Ads – search ads and display ads – because the sort of ads you’re using can factor into if and when you will see yours personally.

Search Ads

As the name suggests, Search Ads are ads that appear when someone does a Google search. Say you are a plumber in Kelowna. If someone Googles ‘plumber in Kelowna,’ then your ad could appear in their search results.

As you’d guess, these sorts of ads are often incredibly powerful, as you are making sure you’re appearing front-and-centre to people that could also be trying to find your direct services.

The important thing to stay in mind, though, is that your ad won’t appear every single time someone searches for your keywords. You’re actually during a bidding war with every other company that’s using similar keywords (and trust us: the competition is usually steep).

So if you’ve got alittle budget – say, but $20/day – then it can get spent pretty quickly every day .

And that means counting on once you attempt to find your ad, you would possibly be searching after your ad spend for the day has been spent . In other words, it might be impossible for your ad to point out up for you.

This is compounded by your geographic parameters. If you’ve got a really specific location you’re targeting (as in, one small city), then maybe you will see your ads, albeit you’ve got alittle budget.

But if you’re employing a limited budget to focus on an enormous area – like, all of North America, for instance – then your budget will likely get spent before you’ve got an opportunity to ascertain your own ads on any given day.

It’s a numbers pool . you do not need to spend lots on Google Ads to urge results, especially when you’re using smart SEM. But unless you’re spending lots during a very targeted region, the chances of seeing your own ad just aren’t there.

But don’t be concerned . Again, if your campaign is about up well, the proper people will still be seeing and clicking. and that is such a lot more important than stumbling on your own ad!

Display Ads

Display Ads work a touch differently. These are images or video that show abreast of websites within a Display Network, and you pay per 1000 impressions.

There is a better likelihood that you’re going to see your own Display ads, assuming again your budget isn’t too small and your geographic targeting isn’t overlarge . But there is a caveat. These ads don’t display on every website – only on specific ones within that network.

So, if you’re on the ‘wrong’ website, again, there is a 0% chance your ad will show up.

Again, this is not the top of the planet . Because again, simply because you are not seeing your ad, that does not mean potential customers aren’t.

How to see your ad in search results

By now, you’re probably getting the image . Unless you’ve got an enormous budget (in the $100/day range or higher) and alittle target region, then there is a good chance you will not see your ads.

And that’s OK.

Because not seeing your ad doesn’t suggest it isn’t performing well or getting you results.

Advertising are often so effective for your business, but it’s to be done right or you’ll lose time and money. With all the data out there, conflicting advice and constantly-changing online platforms, it is so hard to understand where to spend your ad budget.

In this article, we’re simplifying both online and offline advertising strategies, so you’ll start to ascertain immediate sales from your website.

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So it’s far more important to ascertain your ad results than to ascertain your actual ads ‘in the wild.’ And you are doing that by checking your Google Analytics.

We confirm that each one of our clients have access to their Google Analytics account. From that account, you’ll see where your ads are being shown, on what devices, at what times, and at what rates. There’s such a lot invaluable information you’ll find on your account.

That’s why we are quite happy to spend time with clients to assist them understand their Google Analytics accounts. Because sometimes all that invaluable information can cause info overload.

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