Why Gamification is Important in Service Marketing

Before questioning why service marketing gamification is important, we need to understand why gamification is important? Have you ever heard about the word gamification? What is it, and how does it impact your business to make it grow faster?

So many questions must be arising in your mind, do not worry, I will answer each of them to make everything crystal clear to your mind. Let’s talk about gamification first.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a simple term that can be incorporated into your business for making it successful by offering gaming terminologies to your customers or your website visitors. People from every age group like to play games, and the good thing is that they take interest when they are offered something for free by playing games or enjoying gaming elements in your business.

So, you can say that gamification is a process of adding gaming mechanics into your business to make it interactive, engaging, valuable, and of course, successful. Here, your first question is answered.

Let’s move to the second; why is it important? Yeah, I am still talking about gamification. You can find the answer in the statistical data that I am going to share with you. Here you go!

Why is Gamification important?

Gamification lets your business fly higher in the skies. It caters to your business assets and helps you grow your business in the blink of an eye. The jaw-dropping fact will make you understand more clearly its importance.

  • Survey proved that around 72% of employees believe that gamification motivates them to work harder.
  • If any business uses gamification, there are chances that it can grow its business users by 600%.
  • It is estimated that gamification sales revenue will reach $32 billion by 2025.

Let me share one interesting thing about gamification with you. Have you ever come across an internet connectivity issue? What do you see on your browser if your internet connection stops working?

You got it. Yes, I am talking about the dinosaur game that appears right after a loss of internet connectivity. It is also a kind of gamification that keeps you stay on your browser.

Well, you got the answer to your second question. Let’s now move to the gamification of service marketing. Now, more questions could pop up in your mind, such as what is service marketing, by the way? Am I wrong? Let’s get straight into it.

Service Marketing

Any business which offers intangible services to its customers is called service marketing. Clear?

Service marketing includes customer service, tourism, hospitality, hotel management, consultancy, professional services, etc.

They do not offer any physical products that the customers can touch, feel, or see. Moreover, there are three types of service marketing which are listed below.

1. Internal Service Marketing means motivating your company employees by giving them professional training to cater to the customers in a good way.

2. External Service Marketing is a process of promoting and selling the products and services of a company. 

3. Interactive Service Marketing explains the employees’ expertise in serving the company’s clients.

That would be enough for defining service marketing; Let’s now come to the core topic that describes service marketing gamification.

Gamification in Service Marketing

Gamification in service marketing refers to the process of incorporating the game-like elements in business that offers intangible services to the people. As mentioned earlier, customer service, tourism, hospitality, professional services are top of service marketing. I will discuss each of them and describe the process of how you can gamify the service marketing businesses.

Gamify services marketing and see surprising results. Now, the point is how to gamify them? Here is the solution. myCred!

myCred is an optimal solution for rewarding your customers with digital prizes such as points, badges, and ranks. It is basically a point management system that gamifies your business entirely and guarantees positive results. Moreover, it builds a loyalty program and converts your casual visitors into loyal customers.

Let me be clear, myCred is free to use; however, some of its add-ons are paid. It has more than fifty useful add-ons that can enhance your business value. How? Explained below.

1. Gamification in Customer Service

The name ‘Customer Service’ explains itself. However, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) needs explanation. It is also a kind of customer service job; companies outsource their customer service departments to other BPO companies that handle their customer service queries.

BPO comes under the umbrella of customer services. Customer service agents listen to the queries of customers and provide them with the best resolutions. In such hectic and responsible jobs, they need motivation and energy to boost their work. Gamification applied there! Simply install myCred!

myCred Progress Map is an add-on that helps business owners to track the progress of every agent/employee easily. Also, you can display them in two different orientations; landscape or vertical. The progress map can easily be customized and show the levels of every agent. This is a process of service marketing gamification that motivates the agents once they find their achievement level displayed on the official website.

A customer service company can boost the energy level of all the agents by displaying the achievement ranks on its website. It will also build a rapport between the company and employees.

2. Gamification in Tourism

It is a bit challenging to retain your customers in the tourism field. Once they experience your services, they might try some other tourism business to experience new services next time. In such a case, incorporating gamification techniques in the tourism business will help you increase customer retention. To do so, there are some interesting ideas to follow if you want your customer to stay your customer for a longer time.

  • Offer digital rewards to your customers on experiencing your tourism services. For example, if they complete a tour with you, allot them some points that they can use to discount your tourism packages next time. It will definitely bring them to your tourism service marketing to redeem the points.
  • Create a referral system and allow your customers to earn discount prizes on each referral. The process is like once a referee signs up on your tourism website; the referrer will be awarded some points.
  • Create quizzes with myCred for WP-Pro-Quiz and ask different traveling questions. Reward the quiz participants for answering the questions correctly.     

3. Gamification in Professional Services

Professional services gamification is an interesting process, and you can get surprising results from them. Professional services include consultancy, career & recruitment, learning management, etc.

Let’s talk about the mental health counseling services; patients can experience your services for one time, but how many chances will they get back to you or refer you in their connections?

To make it possible for you, you can apply gamification terminologies, such as providing them with points on each session, whether virtual or physical. To redeem the points, customers will surely try to experience your services later.

Also, the recruitment process can be gamified if you make the whole recruitment process exciting for the candidate. For example, you can use ‘myCred for rating form’ to get feedback from candidates and reward them with points in compensation for rating.

There are more ways for the gamification of service marketing that myCred offers. For more information, you can check the add-ons list..

Wrapping Up!

Do not take it relatively easy or very complex to gamify service marketing. You need to understand the mechanics of doing so and the right plugin that I have already mentioned in this blog for you.

Whatever your business is, turn on the gamification, and the boost in business revenue will make you content. That would be all for the service marketing gamification.

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