You Should Know the Important Things Before Visiting A Psychiatrist For The First Time

Going to a mental health professional is an overwhelming task for many individuals due to the societal negativity around it. However, it is one of the best decisions you can make to significantly improve their quality of life and overall well-being. It is a commendable step to take as it is not easy. But you may be stressed or nervous about seeing a psychiatrist for the first time. You can use the Bajaj Health EMI cardto consult the best psychiatrist in Mumbai. Another thing that can help with your first appointment’s nervousness is knowing a few critical things. These can range from being open to sharing your medical history and facing suppressed emotions in your session. Keep reading to know what to expect with your first appointment with a psychiatrist.

Prepare Your Medical History

One of the crucial things to do before meeting the psychiatrist is gathering your medical records. Just like you see any other doctor and tell them about pre-existing conditions, the same is the case here. You must take along with you the following information:

  • List of medications apart from psychiatric medications
  • History of psychiatric medication prescriptions and the duration of their intake
  • Medical diagnosis and concerns, if any
  • Any history of psychiatric issues in the family

This will help the mental health professional to consider holistic scenarios and then start with the course of treatment.

You Will Have To Answer Some Uncomfortable Questions

Once you step in for the appointment, you will have to talk and answer the questions the psychiatrist asks you. The first thing they would want to know is the reason for coming in to see them. You may get overwhelmed at the very beginning because of not knowing where to start or what to say. Know that there is no correct way to answer a question, and your psychiatrist will help you in answering the questions with ease. Make sure to share your concerns and experiences with mental health to communicate openly.

Suppressed Emotions May Surface During Your Appointment

You may feel emotions that you have been suppressing or ignoring during your session with the psychiatrist. Do not be surprised or ashamed. It is entirely normal to cry, feel anger, awkwardness, etc. Sharing your experiences and hidden emotions takes a lot of courage and strength. This can be emotionally exhausting, so do not worry about crying at that time. Many people try to hold themselves back or numb their emotions even during the session. This is not a good practice as you have taken this step to improve your mental health.

You Will Discuss The Plan For Future

Many psychiatrists discuss the treatment plan at the end of the first or second session. They will not only prescribe you psychiatric medication but also advise or offer other options such as:

  • Medication alternatives
  • Psychotherapy suggestions
  • The type and level of care required for thoroughly addressing the issue
  • Any medical tests to prescribe suitable medication and know any triggers or medical conditions

This is the time when you ask questions about your diagnosis, treatment plan, medication duration, etc. Moreover, you can freely tell your mental health professional about your experience of the session.

You Do Not Have To Stick To Your First Psychiatrist

This point is quite important as it may shorten or lengthen the time taken for your mental health to improve. Many people stick with the first mental health professional they meet, even if they may not be the right fit for them. The psychiatrist may be the one leading the session; however, you need to be open to consider your comfort with them as well. If over time, your issues do not get addressed or the quality of your therapeutic relationship does not evolve, then you may move on to another psychiatrist.


It is quite normal to feel anxious before meeting a psychiatrist. However, you have to be mindful not to let these thoughts or fears interfere with your appointment. Knowing what to expect lessens the anxiety of unknown and new challenging experiences. Make sure that you are also paying attention to your comfort with the psychiatrist. If you do not feel the connection, meet another one. Use the Bajaj Health EMI card to book a consultation with the best psychiatrists in Mumbai.

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