Creating Stylish & Practical Space with Bathroom Vanity Unit with Worktop

The bathroom vanity unit with worktop is the latest innovation that combines a vanity unit with a sink. Bathroom fixtures are available in several different options, and so are the bathroom storage units. You must be wondering what bathroom vanity combines a worktop sink? It’s a sink with tall sides on the vanity rather than fit in the shelf or mount to the wall. 

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The vanity has cabinets that provide storage to keep various toiletries well organized. Their uniqueness justifies the fact that these basins are becoming trendy in modern homes these days. In this article, you will read out various reasons for the due popularity of vanity units with worktop basins.

What is a Bathroom Vanity Unit with a Worktop?

It is a type of bathroom vanity unit with a worktop that has the sink mounted to the top.  These look like a dish or bowl that is loosely place on the storage furniture unit. It looks not only stylish but also offers various benefits as an alternative regular pedestal sink. This type of sink unit has the following components.

  1. Non-fitted basin unit.  The first thing that you will notice about this type of vanity unit is that it has no fitted basin unit. The bowl is directly placed on the top of it. 
  2. Concealed pipework. There is just a bowl is visible while all the pipework or plumbing conceal within it. So, it creates a neat look in the bathroom. 
  3. Don’t Connect to the Wall. Such sink units are independent units where these are not connect to the Wall at the back. 

Why You Need Bathroom Vanity Unit with Worktop?

Due to combining the two important fixtures into a unit offering, a bathroom vanity unit with a worktop offer many benefits. There are main reasons where you need such vanity units. The first is you want to save space in the bathroom. Since it will remove the need for a separate sink, you can save considerable space in the bathroom. This can be helpful for anyone who has limited space. The second one is because of the looks that these units create in your space. Although available in various shapes and designs, these units can create a modern look in the bathroom. 

Different Benefits of the Bathroom Vanity Unit with Worktop.

You can expect the following advantages by installing a vanity worktop sink unit. 

1-Highly Practical Solution

If you compare worktop basins with traditional ones, many reasonable facts make them much more practical. One can have an attractive design in traditional sinks with pedestals but must sacrifice the valuable storage space below the sink. However, installing these unique vanity units with worktop basins can give a modern look with usable space for your bathroom.

The wide basin with higher sides provides comfortable usage and prevents water from spilling out of the sink; you can store various bathroom items in the cabinets provided below the worktop basins. It saves the cost of installing cabinets separately and keeps the bathroom spacious.  Overall, it’s a wonderful experience to install these vanity units with a worktop basin in the bathroom.

2- Available in Various Design Options. 

Worktop basins are available in an ocean of options in terms of design. There are some traditional designs recreated and plenty of modern shapes as well. A water bowl design is best suitable for old-school people as it gives a traditional appeal to the bathroom.

There are rectangular and curved designs available for those who like to keep up with the trend and have a modern-looking bathroom. Having these basins, you step into a contemporary and futuristic bathroom. With so many designs options, the worktop sinks are very versatile.

Apart from original designs, countertop basins come in different sizes, too. Small basins are for compact bathrooms, whereas wider units are for in spacious bathrooms. So, reading out the design and size variety, you should be confident to easily find the one that’s perfect for your bathroom dimensions.

3- Easy Installation Process 

The installation of worktops basins is simple and hassle-free. In contrast to traditional and wall-mounted basins that need various holes, the worktop basin stands on top of the counter with one hole enough to pass the drainpipe.

The basin should be placed and joined firmly with the vanity unit to complete the installation perfectly. This simple task can be carried by amateurs who have basic plumbing skills. The easy installation makes the task a DIY and saves a lot of money to be spent in the installation process. Overall. It’s a great feature for your bathroom that eases your life and adds to the practicality and modernity of any bathroom.

Want a Bathroom Vanity Unit with Worktop for Your Bathroom?

In this article, we have discussed various benefits of a bathroom vanity unit with worktop.  Do you also want to install these units in your bathroom? Your choice should be based on the bathroom layout, place of installation, and personal preference. You can visit Royal Bathrooms UK’s website and check out the latest sink vanity units available at lower prices. COVID-19 delta variant is spreading fast across the UK. It’s time to get the coronavirus vaccine as early as possible. 

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