Does Using Google Translate to Autogenerate Content is Good

A multilingual neural machine that is providing translation services to the users is Google Translate. By using this product of Google, you can easily translate the text and other documents. To provide translation services to the users, it is offering a website interface and mobile apps. By using Google Translate, the developers can easily develop browser extensions and apps. Nowadays, it is supporting almost 109 languages. Millions of users are using Google Translate to translate 100 billion words within a day. Some bloggers are also using this tool. By using this tool, they can get help to autogenerate content. Getting help to autogenerate content, they can copy the content of a specific language. They paste it into Google Translate to create content in another language.

By using this free service, bloggers can easily get help to autogenerate content. Moreover, it is also a quick way to get help to autogenerate content. Google’s team is also well aware of this trick of the bloggers. Someone has asked a question about this trick from Google’s Mueller. First of all, he has explained that this kind of activity may create quality issues for your website. It means that you can’t convey your message effectively to the readers. If you fail to convey your message effectively to the users, you can’t expect a higher ranking of your website. Secondly, he has further expanded his answer. While expanding his answer, he has said that this kind of activity may also create spam issues for your website.

Is It Duplicating Content?

While asking questions from Google’s Mueller, someone has also asked the question about the duplicating issues of autogenerate content. He has asked this question by giving an example. According to him, I want to convert the English version of the website into a German version. If I convert it by using Google Translate, I have to face duplicate content issues or not. Moreover, he has also asked a question that Google will tell me about duplicate content or not. Mueller has politely said that it is a translated content. Therefore, you will never face duplicate content issues on your website. He has further explained his answer. According to him, it may create quality issues for your website.

When you will translate the content, it will show different letters and words on the page. Due to this reason, it may not create duplicating content issues. Anyhow, due to the improper arrangement of these letters and words, may create duplicate content issues. Therefore, you can use Google Translate to translate the whole website. If you will not pay attention to the quality of the content, your website may have to face quality issues. Anyhow, along with using Google Translate, if you will get the services of a professional translator, you will not face this problem. Its reason is that he can easily adjust the words and letters. After adjustment of words and letters, you may get a fine version of the content.

Will Autogenerate Content Lead to Manual Actions?

While explaining the quality issues of autogenerate content, Mueller has also explained this problem. This problem is relevant to the spam rules of Google. According to him, nowadays, these translation tools are not so advanced. In the future, we may introduce some new features to these tools. Due to the introduction of these new features, we may not face content quality problems. Under such a situation, we have to activate the webspam team. This webspam team will detect the autogenerate content. After detecting this kind of content, we will not allow its indexing in Google. Therefore, along with translating the content, you should also redo it. If you can’t redo it, you can hire a freelancer who can easily redo it.

Will Autogenerate Content Be Poor Quality Content?

Recommended by a masters dissertation help, while generating content for a website, we have to pay enough attention to its quality. If we fail to provide the best quality content to the visitors, visitors will never stay on our website. They will go to another website by leaving our website. Due to this kind of problem, Google will consider that we are not providing value to the visitors. As a result, Google will de-rank our website. To save the website from this kind of problem, we should also think about the quality of the autogenerate content. According to him, you will have to convince the readers with the help of your writing style. If you are using Google Translate to generate content, you are using the writing style of a bot. A bot can’t convince the readers effectively. Therefore, you will have to include a personal touch in the content.

No doubt, while creating the best quality content, you will have to get the best content ideas. Sometimes, you may not generate the best content ideas. Under such a situation, you can use this technique to generate the best content ideas. After getting the best content ideas, you should not use them as in your blog post. If you want to improve the quality of the content, you should try to polish the content. There are various ways to polish the content of your website. First, you should improve the readability score of the content. Secondly, you should link all the paragraphs of the content. At last, you should also use proper headings and sub-headings in the content. When you will use these techniques, you can easily overcome poor quality issues in autogenerate content.


No doubt, some people are using Google Translate to create autogenerate content from different languages. When they ask questions about it from Google’s Mueller, they get answers to some specific questions. First, they get an answer to the duplicating problems. Mueller has said that they may not face duplicate content issues. Anyhow, they have to face content quality problems. Due to the introduction of some new features, they can overcome content quality issues. As a result, Google has to activate the spam bots to detect this kind of content. To improve the quality of the content, they can take some manual actions. To sum up, we can say that Mueller has not supported this kind of technique. If we want to create a website to get long term benefits, we should stay away from this technique.

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